Saturday, January 2, 2010

60 Day Page 1 Rank Experiment on 2010

Since it is a brand spanking new year, I want to embark on an experiment. A lot of things has changed in the last 8 months. While I was busy with my day job (that ate up all my time), I failed to update this blog. Actually, I got left behind by the fast changing SEO landscape. Moreover, the financial meltdown has dampen the the advertising market. It's understandable but together with the financial crisis, came my online earnings. Old strategies no longer work. My already meager income came down to a trickle. Heck, I almost failed to reach the Adsense threshold for the month of December.

In that note, I need to find a new way to earn money online. Ever since I embarked on this online journey, I met failures and some relative success. It's time to start anew. In the next 60 days, I'll be updating this blog with what I'll be doing for this experiment.

The main objective are as follows:

  1. Land on Page 1 of a three-word keyword which would be related to medicine/medical.

  2. Earn $10 from adsense on the second month.

Secondary would be the following:

  1. Earn from ClickBank (haven't tried it before)

  2. Get PR1(it's a long shot, actually)

Since I'm broke (as I have always been -- that's why I'm Taong Grasa), I don't have money to buy softwares or links or articles. So I'll have to do all the things for free. That's also the reason why I have 60 days as target. So what are the techniques that I shall employ? Here they are.

  1. Keyword Research : Google Adwords External Keyword Tool
    Relying on just one tool may not be a good idea but I really don't have money to buy professional tools.

  2. Article Writing : PLR/MRR/EzineArticle rewriting. I'll hand code on my free time. I know it would be hard and time consuming but my target is just one article per day in the 2nd to 10th days of the experiment. I might need some help from a friend, though. But that will be for free, of course.

  3. Hosting - again, I don't want to pay for anything so I'll do it in a WordPress Mu powered free blogsite(much like I'll tell you about it in later posts why I chose it.

  4. Links - I can't buy links so I'll be asking some reciprocal links from some friends online. I'll do manual submissions to at least 20 directories. If I still have some time, I'll increase it to 50.

  5. Promotion - Yahoo answers (10 questions), forum postings(50 posts , related or otherwise) and blog commenting(100) will be utilized. I might provide the lists of URLs of my posts/comments. Just maybe. It depends.

The question is, would I succeed? I don't know. But guess what, whatever is the outcome, I'll be happy with it. Let's see what the metal tiger (2010) is going to offer. This experiment is actually inspired by Terry Kyle in his post.

Wish me luck!


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