Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Big Discounts at JaguarPC

For those who missed the JaguarPC Holiday Promo, you can still buy their 11-year anniversary promo which I think is better than the previous one.

VPS One Plan

Guaranteed Ram 448 MB
Burst Ram 1GB
Disk Space 25GB
Bandwidth 450GB
Price $21.22
Coupon code VPS11YRS


I have one VPS One from them which I got for lesser price last year but if you compare the specs of my VPS to the one they are currently selling, mine pales in comparison. Damn. But the inconvenience of moving to another server discourages me. Anyhow, I'm still happy with my current plan.

Take note that with fast customer support and Jaguar's dirt cheap price, I can't find any other company that will beat their service. At least up to now. However, I still find their shared hosting to be a bit high. But then again, their shared hosting is rock solid (I know because a friend is hosting there).

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