Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18 : 60 Day Experiment

It's been several days when I last posted an update but just to give you a quick update, here they are.

Sitemap - Installed sitemap and submitted to google webmaster tools. Sitemap helps google crawl all your relevant pages.

Entrecard - For some reason, my website is not yet approved by Entrecard. I don't know why but then, that's ok. I'll just try

New Posts - There's a total of 13 posts but only 10 are published. The rest are scheduled.

Forum Posting - I found a great online community that discusses

Commenting - I found a site which is a potential goldmine for traffic and link juice. And I think quite a number of people are already exploiting this site. I can't tell you yet but I promise I'll post them at the end of the 60 day experiment. I only made four comments here and I got 15 visitors. A few more comments were made at a U.S. based technology blog. Again, that's for link juice purposes.

Twitter - I also created a twitter account. I now have 8 followers but with very few tweets. I'll improve on this over the weekend.

By the way, below is the chart of my analytics account. Not bad, eh?

Again, the progress is very slow but I actually got an uptick of traffic yesterday. The traffic is mainly referred by my comment on the news site where I left my comment.

If you haven't noticed, there are five visitors from Google. They are not my main target keywords but any visitor is highly appreciated. Also, the bounce rate is pretty low. That's promising. I attribute that (low bounce rate) to the design of the template.

The next few days would be extraordinarily busy (if i'm not yet drowing!) on my day job so I'll give an update after a few days again. Probably on Monday, Jan 25 which is the 25th day. That would be almost half the mark and let's see what would be the progress. :D

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