Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28 : 60-Day Page 1 Experiment

Ok folks! After 10 days, I'm here again. It's almost the end of the first month and I would say that I'm very far from my targets. It's not an excuse that we had a major software implementation on my day job and I didn't really worked on this project for five days. Actually for the whole ten days, I barely did anything save for some commenting. But then again, the schedule is already set. So, no excuses there.

Just to refresh, my primary goals are
(1) to land in first page of Google for a chosen keywords
(2) to earn $10 for the first two months

As of today, I don't see my site on the search results on my primary two-word target keyword.

If there's any consolation, I actually landed in page one for two secondary keywords. Take note that only difference between the main and the secondary keywords is the second word. The first words on both keywords are the same.

I think I'll have more time starting tomorrow so I'll work on this again.

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