Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 10 : 60-Day Page 1 Experiment

Ok, yesterday was the 10th day and I'm here again to give you an update. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete the 10 posts that I planned. Actually, I only managed to complete 7 posts. But I’ll make use of them for now. One of them is more than a thousand words anyways. Seven posts would be enough, I think.

On top of that, I also installed the Google analytics tracking code. That will come handy in the following days when I get down to analyze the traffic. You know, where those visitors are coming from, how many visitors are coming from search engines, etc. I also added the website in Google Webmaster Tools. It’s a very handy tool and where I would be able to know when exactly the Google spider crawled my site as well as what are the keywords seen. If there’s any problem, I can then tweak the site to solve the issues. And by the way, you submit the sitemap through the webmaster tools. But I’ll do that once all the posts are published.

So today, I’m going to start link building to my new site. Here’s the strategy that I’m planning to use. Take note that it’s not proven. It’s an experiment for me and I’m not sure if this will actually work.

  • (1) PR4 Incoming Sidebar Link from unrelated website

  • (1) PR3 Incoming Sidebar Link from unrelated website

  • (1) PR2 Incoming Sidebar Link from unrelated website

  • (2) PR1 Incoming Sidebar Link from unrelated website

  • (5) Incoming Links from unrelated websites

  • (10) comments in various blogs

  • (10) forum posts with signature linked to the website

At least that’s the plan. Save from the forum posts, I think all the others are easy to do. I already have the PR sites where the links will be coming from while I also have plenty of the completely unrelated non-PR sites. What’s important here is that the websites where the link will be coming from are already indexed by Google. I’ll also make the anchor text varied although I’m not really sure about that. The PR4 website will carry my main keyword as its anchor text.

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