Thursday, November 29, 2007

Monetizing Your Online Life

With the onset of user-generated contents (such as this blog) and the rapid penetration of fast internet connection via broadband across the world, the internet is becoming the main battlefield for advertisement. They call it Web2.0 phenomenon and it is driving internet sales and advertisement.

More and more companies of all sizes are competing to put their ads on popular sites. Coupled with new technologies and mobile internet, more and more people are getting online and the reach is far greater than even cable TVs can reach.

If you'll see the the graph at the left, internet is about to overtake television in the number of hours spent by users in a day. There's actually a more detailed survey results on this wherein people at 18-25 years old shows more inclination to spending their time in the internet rather than watching the idiot box. It presents a great potential for websites and social networking sites and the internet in general. Unlike what happened during the internet bubble before the end of the millennium, Web2.0 is to stay. People and internet techies has learned from the bubble and this time around, the internet revolution has a better footing.

As a "Taong Grasa" with nothing but my internet connection and laptop, we'll restart a journey to make money online.

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