Monday, April 7, 2008

Pay-Ads is a SCAM

On my earlier post about Pay-Ads, I said that it's a very good eCPM ad service that pays well. Imagine, $3.50 for every one thousand unique visitors with IP count reset everyday! Coupled with a minimum payout of just $1 transferred automatically to your paypal account, this was really tempting. And good news ends there.

I got paid, yeah but on the third day that it ran on one of my high-traffic sites, popups and trojans started coming out! I really freak out especially when Lord Gooooooogle said that my sited drops malware. When you find my site in google search, it won't let you proceed to my site. Basically, google reported the site to

Luckily, I was able to correct it within hours and asked google to re-index the site through the Google Webmasters Tools. After that, traffic went back to normal and my site is out of the

Damn, they are SCAMMERS!

Saturday, April 5, 2008 : Alternative Way to Earn Money Online

I stumbled into Bux.To pay-to-click service. The concept is very simple, you visit a site and stay there for 30 seconds and viola, you've just earned $0.01!!!! Yeah, that's a very small amount but if you have referrals, that can multiply! You don't even need to go to school for this!

Here's an earning example
» You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
» 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00
» Your daily earnings = $2.10
» Your weekly earnings = $14.70
» Your monthly earnings = $63.00

I'm on my second day on their service and got $0.30 already. I could have earned more than that if I have referrals. And speaking of referrals, they do sell referrals. I think it's one of their revenue stream while they are waiting for advertisers to come in. I don't know how popular their service is but one poster on their forum claims that he got 500 referrals in under 6 hours! I smell something fishy there.

Honestly, I don't know if they are wasting money as I noticed that almost(if not all) ads that you can click are actually sites. Yes, I saw several ads that look legitimate but I was surprised to see that one of the advertiser's sponsor is also Hmnn... That's the main drawback. The second one is the fact that you'll have to wait for 30 days before your checked-out payment is credited to your paypal. That's too long for me.

But at least, they are not a scam.... yet! Let's see if will survive. I'll give them 3 months(until end of July) to prove that they are for real!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Controversies : Uncoventional but Effective Way of Driving Traffic

Gossips is one of the most powerful way of driving traffic to your site. On my home country(PHL), gossips spread like a wildfire especially if it involves showbiz people or high-society individuals. And the advent of the internet made the spreading of news much more easier. And I cannot disagree when people say "May pakpak ang balita, may tainga ang lupa" literally means "News has wings, the land has ears". That refers to how fast news/gossips spread.

Seeing the potential of these, coupled with the Filipino's natural thirst on rumors and gossip, some enterprising bloggers cash on the prospect. And who can make a better rumor like this but gays! BryanBoy has done it before and shoot his ranking up in the clouds. He made up a controversial story, created an email, sent(spam) them to friends and then let the people come. It was so successful that some Filipino A-List bloggers bite into it and made BryanBoy a celebrity. In the old ranking sites, pinoytopsites and pinoyblogosphere, BryanBoy is consistently on top. What's good here is that Bryan got a following... regular visitors on his site full of crap! (oh, sorry about that but that's how I see his posts).

One of the recent example is the case of one blogger seeking revenge(he claims he only wants his money back) from a former lover. His name is Brian Gorrell. Go search for his blog on google to find his site (silly me, I wouldn't give him link from this site... hehee). It is so hot these days, the mainstream media took notice of it already.

I've seen his blog when it started to spread wildly in the net. I actually received an email about his story and to be honest, I got interested. On my first time that I visited Brian's site, . When it was featured on the news, I visited again and was surprised to see new posts. And guess what... ADSENSE!!!! hahaha...

Well, I think that's just natural. With millions of hits on the last two months, I guess he. Who knows, his account might be upgraded by Google if he can keep those traffic. But soon, the topic will fizzle out. So he better make money as soon as possible or better yet, fuel the controversy that he started.

As for you, my dear readers and entrecard droppers, start brewing your own controversy and sent them to your chismosa friends. hehehe...

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