Saturday, May 9, 2009

Earned My First Payment from Chitika

Ok, I know that I was AWOL for more than four months. I'm not supposed to post another one but I was too happy, I need to tell the world that Chitika Premium paid $21.25 last May 1.

It's totally unexpected. Back in February, I tested putting their minimall just above the commnet field. I never really expected that I'll be paid because only search-engine visitors from north american territories are considered. And though the site I put it into has 80% of its visitors coming from search engines, only a fraction comes from the US and Canada. But I put it there anyways. And to my surprise, I hit the $20 minimum payout.

I'm currently setting it up also on my other websites. I love it!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Crucial Web Host Downgrade Specs of Split Shared

I was browsing Crucial Web Host articles after reading an article about them. And I noticed that Crucial Web Hosts packages no longer have the same specs as before. To give you a brief idea, here's the most striking of them all.

From :

We isolate 25 clients on a Virtual Environment (VE) to increase security and maximize performance.

To :
With Split-Shared hosting, you are not lumped in with hundreds or even thousands of other hosting clients. A typical Crucial VE contains 30-50 client accounts. This greatly reduces the risk that other hosting clients will be able to effect the performance of your Split-Shared hosting.

Now, I'm praying that Crucial Web Host will not annoy their current customers who availed of their old package like me. But it would not come as a surprise if they inform us at the end of our existing contracts that our package is no longer available. That's not really a problem with me as I barely used 3 GB for all my sites and I only use around 40GB of bandwidth. The allocation was 250GB and 2.5TB of bandwidth. But the problem is I have around 8 domains in my account and that's 3 domains more than the new limit of 5.

Oh well, if that happens, it's time again to move some of my sites elsewhere. The new price is also too high at $25 a month. So basically, it would no longer be practical to buy another account with them as those sites do not make $20 a month combined. Besides, the $25 price for a 5GB space/50GB bandwidth is no longer attractive even if you say that your account sits on a vps with only 30-50 sites on it.

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