Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Western Union Payout of Adsense

It's payout time and a lot of adsense publishers here in the Philippines are already lining up at Western Union branches to get their earnings. But where can we really receive our remittance? Google says that we can get them from any branch offering QuickCash payouts. However if you ask the teller at western union branches, they don't know about QuickCash! The website also doesn't help.

Actually, you can receive your money from any Western Union agent that accepts "RECEIVE" transactions. That means any WU agent here in the Philippines can service you since that's the main service thay they provide here especially for families of OFWs. So when visiting your local WU agent, just tell them that you are to receive the money and more importantly, don't forget to bring the following

  • MTCN - That's the Money Transfer Control Number. That what they need to know which transmittal is for you. They won't process your request unless you have this. Of course, google gives you this.

  • Exact amount to receive

  • Google's address

  • Two Valid IDs (company ID, any government ID like SSS, GSIS, Driver's License, Postal, TIN)

I print out the payment advise by google for easy access on MTCN and address. Of course, printing it will also help me remember the exact amount which is one of the questions that will be asked for verification.

Western Union QuickCash Centers

  • Sanry's Foreign Exchange in Glorietta - I like this place. Since they are a money exchange shop, the exchange rate to peso is usually 10-15 cents higher than in the bank. It's a no-fuzz transaction and really fast! I recommend this if you happen to visit Glorietta.

  • eBiz Solutions - I transacted in Paseo De Roxas but I saw this in other places as well. I saw one in Pedro Gil and they are open on weekends! They are also open until 7pm during weekdays. Like Sanry's this is highly recommended.

  • RCPI - They allow USD payout. I tried but their system was down that time. They require you to fill-out a form. Some kind of membership card that they said will help speed up your next transaction. There's RCPI everywhere and like eBiz, they are open on weekends.

  • BPI - exchange rate is a little lower than eBiz and Sanry's but still competitive

  • China Bank - takes ages to complete the transaction. This is the first agent that we tried and it took more than 1 hour

  • Tambunting Pawnshop - haven't tried yet

We hope that we helped you with this post. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

dNeero Survey Advertising

There are just a lot of genius out there and the most that I admire are the ones that sees opportunity on whatever is available. They see things differently from lesser people like me. In the case of online marketing, I was amused to see people using dNeero survey to drive traffic to their site and at the same time, help charities. Too good to be true but that's what Skirt! Magazine just did.

At the end of their sponsored survey, you have to answer a question wherein the answer can only be found in And what's more, the survey requires you to donate the earnings to your chosen charity. Well, I did take the survey and assigned Habitat for Humanity as the beneficiary. Simple reason is that they have operation here in the Philippines. But that's another story.

In effect, they gave the charity through you at least $0.60 for every visitor. That's quite expensive but I think it's still at par at what you may have paid to AdWords. As matter of fact, this could be better because you can get targeted visitors at a specific price.

One simple trick that for sure, really works! Simply genius... awesome!

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