Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pay-Ads CPM Ads

UPDATE!!!!! PAY-ADS.COM IS A SCAM! See my latest post

A friend introduced me to Pay-Ads eCPM service that promises a better CPM payout for a 468x60 banner. It has absolutely no pop-ups and definitely no trojans. All you have to do is put the banner on your website (regardless of where... on top, at the bottom or whereever) and you're all set!

The service accepts international members though paid traffic are only from United States, Canada, Australia and Western Europe. IPs are counted every 24 hours. That's still better than other similar services that only counts US and Canada traffics.

The big draw here is that you can earn as much as $3.50 per thousand valid impressions. It says "as much" because Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States traffic are paid from $3 to $3.5 while those coming from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland are paid $0.50 up to $0.80 per thousand impressions.

Think about it, if you have at least 2000 daily visitors from the paid countries, you'll earn at least $7 a day. There's no minimum payout and you can even set a $1 payout if you like. Payouts are made monthly on 5th ,10th,15th,20th,25th and 30th through Paypal or eGold.

In addition, you'll also get 10% for direct referral(level). So what are you waiting for? Click the banner below and sign-up!

Power Clicks

By the way, I just started yesterday and my account already generated $0.78 in less than 24 hours. I just tried it in one site with around 300 uniques daily. For me, that's already good. I just put the banner at the bottom of the page. For sure adsense won't give me that $0.78 if my 468x60 banner at least two pages below. It's really worth a try.

I'll post again about it next time to see if they will really pay. I'll also write better review of the services once I get accustomed to their very simplistic control panel. I'll save my comments(especially on their website) for now and let's see if this will really fly.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

RankWidget Injecting Clicksor Ads on Your Site

My good friend has asked my help late this afternoon regarding the reported pop-up under advertisements that comes out from her site. Upon verification, I was surprised to see that it is not just the pop-up under that was added but a clicksor contextual ad is also implemented. My friend is not that tech-savvy to be able implement such kind of changes so I asked myself if I helped her before. Upon convincing myself that we didn't implement clicksor on her site, I started digging on the codes.

To my surprise, no clicksor code is existing in the templates or even in the widgets. No plugins either that implements clicksor and not even with mightyadsense entries. It is by that time that I decided to remove one-by-one all the javascript from various sources that she implemented that I was able to isolate the problem. Upon removing the technorati rank widget provided by RankWidget, the popup-under went off and the contextual ads no longer showed. For the benefit of the doubt, I re-added the technorati widget and viola.... I see porn popup-under. It's confirmed that the culprit is that widget.

In fairness to RankWidget, the site is already running in their code for several months already. It is only today when they implemented this "changes" that the unwelcome ads came out. It's kinda abusive so we had to take them off our site. Had it been a little more subtle, we wouldn't have known about it wouldn't care to remove it. However, I think it is a very poor judgment on the case of RankWidget. They have just lost almost a hundred of pages with PR linking to their site.

Honestly, I'm not in favor of showing their widgets at all. Though it feels good to see that technorati/alexa/google rank of your site, it is still the service provider that eventually benefits from it.

So friends, beware. Your widgets may already be ripping you off your money.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Google Bombing : Two Sides of the Coin

Most SEO/SEM people know that link-building is one of the most powerful tool not just to drive traffic to your site but mainly for ranking in search engines particularly in Google.

The term google-bombing is also popularly known as link-bombing. Essentially, it is a technique where hundreds of quality links are pointed to a specific website so that site will rank well in the search engines. In effect, the site will be on top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It's such a very effective way that has it's own caveats. That is ranking on an unflattering keyword.

There are two notable examples of Google Bombing done on a very bad way. One is about the "miserable failure" search keyword that when searched through Yahoo, will have President Bush's biography at the Another one is the term "dangerous cult" that will lead you to scientology. The news about it would have not spread across the net as it has been if not for the marketing done with the technique. So basically, link bombing is one part and the marketing side of it is another.

The technique is well laid out in It's definitely a good read and I advise that you read the article.

Upon reading, you'll realize that if a person have the resources (cooperative friends, websites and TIME), link-bombing a good and bad tool to rank a website in the search engines and drive traffic to your site.

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