Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 2 : 60-Day Page 1 Experiment

Yesterday, I announced that I'll be embarking on a little experiment to land a brand new website in page 1 of Google search using free tools. Today is the first day of the project and the most important thing for this day is the keyword.

Much of the day has been spent for searching for keyword. I'll let you know at the end of this project what would be that keywords but for now, I'll keep it to myself first. But as earlier said, the keyword is related to medical field/medical condition. To help me a bit, I narrowed the lists to the medical condition (disease) that I might be familiar with either because I had it, the family had it, or someone I know is experiencing it. With that, I'll hit two birds with one stone. One, I get to research on the topic which may benefit my family and then at the same time, publish it on the website that I'll be creating.

Several hours later, I finally chose a set of keyword about a medical condition that affects 1% of the population. You might say 1% is too small but with roughly 6 billion, we're talking about 60,000,000 people affected. But more importantly, someone from my family is actually affected by this. So off I went to research for keywords.

As I have said, I'll only be using Adword's External Keyword Tool. Here's the screenshot of the keywords I picked. The screenshot that you are looking at is actually from the broad range type. I also checked the exact and phrase lists and picked the keywords that consistently appeared on three list types. For this experiment,

Here's the list.

Keyword #1

Search Result : 668,000
Local Volume : 8,100
Global Volume : 4,400
CPC : $4.58

Keyword #2

Search Result : 330,000
Local Volume : 2,900
Global Volume : 1,900
CPC : $4.13

Keyword #3

Search Result : 359,000
Local Volume : 3,600
Global Volume : 2,900
CPC : $4.03

Keyword #4

Search Result : 478,000
Local Volume : 5,400
Global Volume : 6,600
CPC : $3.53

Keyword #5

Search Result : 1,890,000
Local Volume : 12,100
Global Volume : 9,900
CPC : $4.26

I'll be concentrating on keywords #1 and #2 as I believe it would be easier to rank for those. As I still consider myself a newbie in this field, I have the following criteria on choosing the keyword from the list.

  • Search Result - should be low. If I can get a keyword with 200,000 results and below, I'll use it provided that the volume and CPC is good. :D

  • Volume : At least 2,500. The more, the better. It's useless, anyway, if rank in a keyword that nobody is searching for.

  • Average Cost per Click : It must be at lest $3. Of course, I won't be getting that when someone click on my ads but I'll be happy if I get $1 per click. That's a good 30% of the estimated CPC.

Other than that, none actually. I heard that SENuke, Micro Niche Finder and Keyword Elite would make your life a lot easier and much more effective. But then again, I'm broke and like most of you, I wouldn't want to shell any of my remaining funds for this. But that's not to say that I won't be trying those softwares in the future. If I get some success again and bring this thing to the new level, I'll definitely try them.

That's it for now!


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