Thursday, December 6, 2007

Peso Exchange Rate Affecting Online Income?

With the recent rise of the Philippine peso against the dollar, a lot of people are already complaining. Most notably, families of the OFWs are already feeling the crunch. Exporters are also hit badly. Already at 11% increase, that's also 11% less amount of money going to the pocket of the OFW receipients. And the rise is not going to stop at least in the immediate future. Actually, it seems like the peso is getting stronger and stronger.

This leads me to a question on SEO experts and other people monetizing their site. As a netpreneur, how much damage has the exchange rate has already done to them? I have only just begun with this make-money-online scheme and hasn't feel the crunch yet. I'm not at all affected negatively and it is even cheaper for me to buy goodies from outside the country.

How about you? What's your take on this?


JaneBride said...

I also felt the rise of the peso. my wedding site only generates around $150 to a high of $200 per month but it still matters to me. If it can pay for gas and parking before, it can now only pay for my coffee.

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