Saturday, December 1, 2007

Adsense Changes Ads to Avoid Accidental Clicks

by scaredcrow

It's a good thing that google changed the way their ads were clicked. Before, even the background of the ads are clickable and that leads to accidental clicks. I myself has fall into this and was afraid that my adsense account be suspended or terminated because of that. I think it happened thrice already.

With the new format, it is only the title and the url that's clickable. The background, text and white spaces are no longer clickable. More than the user experience, it would benefit the advertisers more.

Finally, this change won't just improve user experience on your site; it
benefits advertisers as well. We currently monitor clicks on Google ads for
accidental clicks, and the format change complements our monitoring system by
further ensuring advertisers only pay for meaningful clicks. By reducing
accidental clicks, we hope to increase advertiser campaign value and
satisfaction, encouraging additional spend and facilitating higher monetization
for all publishers.

For the complete adsense announcement about this, click the lick below.



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