Monday, December 17, 2007

EntreCard - An Effective Way of Driving Traffic

Of all the scheme on driving traffic to you site, EntreCard is by far the best I've seen. It is so simple yet very effective. What's good here is that you will really have to visit sites of entrecard members to be able to earn credits and then you can use your credits to place ads on the widgets of other users.

If you save enough credit points, you can place an ad in A-list bloggers like Darren's Problogger and John Chow. Well, that is if the queue and ad spots are not full. hehe.

Some caveats, though. As your site becomes popular, the amount of credits to advertise on a particular site also rises. I've seen blogs that costs 280 credits to advertise and the queue are eternaly full.

I won't say much about it but I recommend reading this link.


boholandia said...

i'm using it in my bohol resorts blog. it's good!

DulceNegosyante said...

Nice to see another pinoy blogger using Entrecard. Thanks to Entrecard, I was able to find your site.

If you want additional Entrecard credits. I'm throwing away 2000 ECs in 48 hours. Check my website for more details.



malshi said...

wow very nice this.


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Anonymous said...

Very great activity.



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