Thursday, January 3, 2008

Importance of Templates

When I started blogging early last year, I more concerned on the overall layout of the theme. Just like anybody else who are just starting, I like fancy stuffs without thinking about the size of the template and how fast it would load into your browser. I don't even think about how I would make money from it.

But of course I learned some techniques as time went by. I got to implement some tips on Search Engine Optimization and began to realize the importance of template. Though content is still the King, it's not everything. There's a lot more things to do than just the content. You also have to think the user experience on your site, how to drive traffic to your site and most importantly, how to make money from it. Oh yeah, suddenly earning money online is no longer an easy task. But that should not deter you as there's a lot of themes out there that would help you on the user experience side as well as making money. That means you only have to worry about creating the content and marketing your site to drive traffic.

Actually, I got to find a wordpress theme that really converts well. The templates created by ScaredCrow are really good. I got to contact him and he sent me some of his works. I used one of his templates and it did help raise my CTR. I plan to use more of his templates. He hasn't published all his works yet, though. And he only have wordpress themes.

So there, if you want to lessen your workload in blogging, find a template that will suit both your taste and your visitor's.


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