Friday, January 11, 2008

Google PR Update Ongoing

I woke up this morning realizing that the pagerank of some of my sites reduced by one notch. At least, that's for those with PR rank. I first read about it late last night while browsing SEO.PH. Some of the members said that their sites now have PR0 especially those with paid posts for Smorty, PayPerPost, ReviewMe, etc. Of course, some members reported an increase in PR.

This is the first PR update by google for 2008. Oh well, it's another buzz that a lot of SEO specialist will talk about for the next couple of weeks. For sure, google has implemented another set rules (remember the NO FOLLOW rule?).

Follow the discussion in the following URL:

How about you? Have you noticed the change? Or does your site now have a PR rank? I check mine at


Entrepreneur said...

Mine dropped to PR0 ... and I don't have PPP on the blog. I think its because I have a resource page where I state that if you want a link you can just write me ... but I don't get paid for it.

At any rate, I think advertisers now understand that pageranks are crap anyway. There are so many sites with high pageranks that are just horrible. So I don't know what Google is doing, but I just know it ain't right.

Ax associate said...

Mine has no PR yet. But a friend of mine has got PR4 out of a sudden. I checked for her just 1 day earlier and the site has got nothing.
We checked traffic a little and notice some links from a relevant forum. This forum has a PR4 too.

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