Thursday, September 4, 2008

Submit Article and Earn with FilipinoSG

I got an invite to submit an article on a online Filipino Community in Singapore that was recently setup. It's another addition to a number of websites that our fellow Filipinos in Singapore frequently visit. This new website isn't launched to the public yet but it already look promising.

What I liked about their system is when they said that I'm allowed to do the following:

  • One adsense unit within the article (300x250) in size. Only Adsense is allowed though.

  • Max of three external live links inside the article

  • Author

I only got the invitation through one of the administrators (zimatar) since I know him personally. The group said that they are going to allow all the would be members to submit their own articles for some of the sections. I don't know what would all the sections be but I'm invited to submit articles for Jokes, FAQ and Opinions. They also promised a simple blog engine for every user. I don't know if that would be customizable, though. Let's see when it comes.

You see, one of the techniques in creating incoming links is to submit articles to sites like or guest posts on other blogs. Opportunities created by this kind of invitations should not be wasted. And the icing of the cake is the prospect of earning through adsense right smack from their website. It's another avenue for a passive income. And for those who don't have their own site yet, Filipinosg would be a good way to start with.

I'm now preparing a news article that I plan to submit by Monday. The topic is more of Singapore OFW, though. So my articles should have something to do with life and work in Singapore.


reanaclaire said... name is claire.. i have a problem and i hope u will be able to help me. i read yr post on the rank widget..i heard complaints from my fellow bloggers that each time they log into my blog, a big advertisment will monopolise my blog and it irritates them... so if i remove the rank widges from my blog, will the ads still pop up again?
thank you for advising...
please buzz me in my blog when u hv reply..thanks again..

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