Sunday, August 3, 2008

ABS-CBNNEWS Domain Expired!!!!

Employees of ABS-CBN Interactive must be scrambling now to renew which expired last Aug 2, 2008. Actually, the expiration date was July 26, 2008. They may have been given a week's time to renew the domain but after failing to do so, the registrar put the domain in a domain parking service. Below is what you'll see when you visit the site

Ok, people. Don't let this happen to you. If you have a very valuable domain, make sure that renew it ahead of time. We don't know what went wrong with the domain. It could be a mistake from someone in ABS-CBN Interactive. It's such a big mistake that heads will surely roll.

To make sure that my eyes are not fooling me, I checked google to search for site. The cache is still there but if you follow the link, it goes to the domain parking. Still not satisfied, I checked the whois. It's confirmed! Below is the screenshot of the whois properties.

At least, their main site - WWW.ABS-CBN.COM -- is still working. But if you click on the News menu, the following will appear...

In my opinion, is the most priced online property of ABS-CBN. It's one of my two most visited site. The other one being (which is too heavy to load due to enormous amount of ads).


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