Monday, March 10, 2008

Google Bombing : Two Sides of the Coin

Most SEO/SEM people know that link-building is one of the most powerful tool not just to drive traffic to your site but mainly for ranking in search engines particularly in Google.

The term google-bombing is also popularly known as link-bombing. Essentially, it is a technique where hundreds of quality links are pointed to a specific website so that site will rank well in the search engines. In effect, the site will be on top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It's such a very effective way that has it's own caveats. That is ranking on an unflattering keyword.

There are two notable examples of Google Bombing done on a very bad way. One is about the "miserable failure" search keyword that when searched through Yahoo, will have President Bush's biography at the Another one is the term "dangerous cult" that will lead you to scientology. The news about it would have not spread across the net as it has been if not for the marketing done with the technique. So basically, link bombing is one part and the marketing side of it is another.

The technique is well laid out in It's definitely a good read and I advise that you read the article.

Upon reading, you'll realize that if a person have the resources (cooperative friends, websites and TIME), link-bombing a good and bad tool to rank a website in the search engines and drive traffic to your site.


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